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Hosting: Armor

Hosting's Security Pain Points

Like every hosting company, Armor needs to protect their customers against botnets, phishing, zero-day and other advanced threats. They also need to provide the security that's required for customers with HIPAA, PCI and other compliance requirements. These are all common security pain points that hosting companies are up against -- How do you properly secure the sensitive data of all customers in different locations, with different requirements and across all sectors?

Armor is the leader in secure cloud hosting, protecting sensitive data and brand reputations for some of the largest companies in the world. Armor’s cloud infrastructure was purpose-built for security, compliance, performance and service. Armor’s managed cloud IaaS services are provided from data centers in Dallas, Phoenix, London and Amsterdam.

To provide customers the most secure Cloud hosting available, Armor needed a solution to filter and block communication with untrustworthy IP addresses. Even with existing firewalls and security solutions, they felt exposed as it continued to witness attacks originating from Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe. Because they have customers around the world, geographic IP blocking wasn’t an option.

Here's how ThreatSTOP solved this.


ThreatSTOP for Hosting Companies

After implementing ThreatSTOP, Armor was now able to block inbound attacks before they reach the firewall, reducing risks to its operations while also reducing demands on compute and network resources required by existing solutions. ThreatSTOP now filters approximately 41% of the attacks on Armor across all of its data centers, with  these following benefits:

  • Over 138,000 daily attacks on Armor and its customers blocked
  • Improvement in overall network performance and utilization
  • Total attacks decreased by 40%


Case Study



Implementing ThreatSTOP has helped decrease the number of total attacks against our customers by 40%."

Check out our full Armor Case Study above, as ThreatSTOP blocked attacks at the perimeter, Armor was able to extend the life of existing network infrastructure by improving overall utilization and performance.

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