ThreatSTOP Overview
Description: ThreatSTOP is a powerful service that blocks attacks before they reach your network, and prevents data theft. Unlike other tools that only integrate into a SIEM or notify you of threats, ThreatSTOP deflects attacks that have bypassed your firewall, IDS/IPS, web filter and endpoint security. Then ThreatSTOP’s real-time reporting provides the visibility you need to remediate threats.
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ThreatSTOP Technology Overview
Description: The ThreatSTOP® Shield service delivers up-to-the-minute threat intelligence to routers, firewalls and DNS servers to provide an automated, proactive defense against malicious attacks such as ransomware, DDoS, and botnets. A cloud-based service, it works with a customer’s existing security devices to automatically block attacks and prevent data theft and corruption.
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ThreatSTOP DNS Defense
Description: ThreatSTOP DNS Defense is a highly effective, proactive security solution that blocks advanced threats from completing their mission, be it DDoS attacks, data theft or corruption, or phishing. It delivers up-to-the-minute protection against advanced attacks, and enhances your existing security posture by adding a powerful layer of security that functions at the DNS level, and delivers granular control over the actions taken against outbound network queries.
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ThreatSTOP IP Defense
Description: ThreatSTOP IP Defense provides customizable real-time configuration management of your firewalls, routers, switches, cloud environments, and DNS servers in a heterogeneous network to maximize the power and functionality of your existing network infrastructure. Your security policy will be enforced at the network level with the ability to tailor your policy on a device-by-device basis.
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ThreatSTOP Roaming Defense
Description: ThreatSTOP Roaming Defense provides mobilized defenses for your network's end-point Windows and MacOS based devices.
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Case Studies

University of Baltimore
"ThreatSTOP has eliminated manual blacklisting and remediation, and reduced help desk tickets related to malware by 90%, to only 1-2 per month."
    - Mike Connors, Information Security Analyst

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Bibliotheek Rotterdam
"ThreatSTOP has solved a big headache for us. Now we have no service stoppages, no escalations with the ISP, and no manual cleanups."
    - Nikola Nicolic, Contracts and Services Manager

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Cirrus Tech
"ThreatSTOP’s IP reputation service provides invaluable protection for Cirrus Tech and our customers against threats that other solutions fail to address."
    - Ehsan Mirdamadi, CEO, Cirrus Tech

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"ThreatSTOP is the clear leader in IP reputation services, and provides invaluable protection for AISO and our customers against zero-day, APTs, botnets and other advanced threats."
    - Phil Nash, CTO,

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Armor Logo

Armor (formerly FireHost)
"Implementing this system has helped to decrease the number of total attacks against our customers by about 40 percent."
    - Chris Drake, Founder/CTO, FireHost

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NonLinear Tech
"ThreatSTOP was able to help us rapidly identify and remediate a spam botnet that was putting one of our customer’s business at risk."
    - John Verbrugge, Principal, NonLinear Tech

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VM Racks
"Our healthcare customers need the security required to comply with HIPAA and protect critical EMR (electronic medical record) data. ThreatSTOP provides us a highly valuable layer of 'outside-in' protection that blocks DDOS, brute force, and other attacks before they hit the firewall."
    - Gil Vidals, CEO

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Phoenix Energy Systems
"By automating the process and providing the reports, ThreatSTOP provides me a peace of mind and saves me time."
    - Carol Maffitt, CIO

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Earth Systems
"ThreatSTOP works great. We are attacked every day and it stops them. It gives me the warm and fuzzies that
I am protected. It's well worth every penny."
    - Richard Gaustad, VP & CIO

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West Memphis School District
"I had no idea my network printers are talking to China!"
    - Gary Woodward, Network Administrator

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Operation Smile
"When we began using the product on premise, we immediately saw what was hitting our firewall on a daily basis. Definitely a success story for us. Working with ThreatSTOP really made sense for us from a business standpoint. We have a relatively small IT team for an organization of our size. With ThreatSTOP, we can stay ahead of the hackers."
    - Christopher Ackman, Application System Analyst

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Healthcare Information Security
Description: Healthcare information has become an increasingly valuable target. This paper reviews the value of this information and the reasons that healthcare infrastructure attacks are on the rise.
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Leading Cybersecurity Out of Medieval Times
Description: Today's security threats may be considered "advanced" by some, but ThreatSTOP founder and CEO Tom Byrnes believes many organizations are living in the medieval times of cybersecurity. How can they avoid slipping into the Dark Ages?
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Threat Mitigation:
Proactive Defense against Botnets and Criminal Malware
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Networks Under Siege - The ThreatSTOP Solution

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The Benefits of ThreatSTOP


We recently put out a survey to find out where customers derive value from ThreatSTOP, what’s on their product wish list, and what’s their overall experience working with us and our platform.ThreatSTOP’s 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey
Securing DNS is more important now than ever before, and now more affordable than ever. DNS is used in more than 95% of malware attacks, and it only takes an hour to add ThreatSTOP's DNS Defense.Why you need ThreatSTOP's DNS Defense

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