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Public Agency: Bibliotheek Rotterdam

Public Agency's Security Pain Points

Bibliotheek Rotterdam is one of the largest libraries in the Netherlands, with one central library and 23 branches, serving over 3 million users each year. As an open, public agency, they have thousands of visitors that are bringing their own devices on-prem. As with all public agencies, primary security concerns include BYOD and open environments.

Bibliotheek Rotterdam had about 1,000 visitors (mostly students) use the library’s PCs and, with their laptops and mobile devices, their Wi-Fi network per day. These users were constantly getting infected, while the library was constantly blacklisted by the ISP and its Internet access blocked due to the large number of botted machines and active malware on the network. This security pain point is one that runs through all organizations within this sector. 


ThreatSTOP for Public Agencies

Public agencies, like large libraries, always need to do more with less when it comes to security. Because of the amount of traffic and people using their machines on 

ThreatSTOP's reporting provide a great problem discovery, monitoring, analysis and remediation tool for network administrators. With limited resources and staff, ThreatSTOP's automation gave employees the time to focus on other tasks instead of doing tedious manual cleanups everyday. 

It's important to remember that Firewalls, with static rules based solely on ports and protocols, don't stop criminals. Neither do traditional signature-based products such as anti-virus, URL/ content filters, proxies, and IDS/IPS. ThreatSTOP gives existing firewalls the intelligence to solve the biggest information security problem today: Criminal control of user machines.

Installed via a simple script, ThreatSTOP delivers a blocklist of known bad IP addresses to the firewall, automatically and continually updated via DNS. It uses existing equipment, and saves the expense, complexity and delay of hardware upgrades, network reconfiguration, and retraining. ThreatSTOP provides immediate protection against current, and new, threats in an affordable and cost effective way, solving the major pain points for these Public Organizations.


Case Study


“The ThreatSTOP service was very easy to install with a simple script and integrated with the SRX nicely as if it’s part of the firewall. ThreatSTOP on the SRX 240 worked exactly as it should, and immediately blocked the botnets that have been plaguing the library for years.” - Dennie Spreeuwenberg, Manager, Services Networking & Security


Check out our full Bibliotheek Rotterdam Case Study above see how exactly ThreatSTOP achieved the library's security goals without the need for any new hardware.

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