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ThreatSTOP provides technology vendors, solution providers and MSSPs with a security approach that proactively protects against a vast range of threats and malware, including ransomware, DDoS, Angler Kits, phishing and botnets. We work with a variety of resellers, OEMs and MSSPs to bring actionable threat intelligence and network protection to businesses of all sizes. Partnering with ThreatSTOP means a deep integration with our solutions, converting the latest threat data into enforcement policies that automatically update firewalls, routers, DNS servers and endpoints.

What can you expect as a partner?

  • Unique and high value differentiator to increase your deal size.
  • Full support for basic “black label” or in depth “white label” integration and branding.
  • Solid, field tested REST APIs to easily integrate with our backend.
  • Flexibile, scalable methods to import any threat intelligence or threat feed.
  • Out-of-the-box high performance analytics engine for log analysis.


  • Healthy Margins: Our resellers enjoy a win-win relationship - We offer healthy margins to enhance your profitability and you get a strong returning revenue stream.
  • Sales Opportunity Protection: Our deal registration program locks in and gives you exclusive rights to deal, with simple online registration and quick approval turnaround.
  • Channel-Focused: We don't compete with our partners.
  • Sales, Marketing and Training Resources Tools: Personalized training, product collateral, online resources, videos, webinars and co-branded marketing materials from our sales staff to jump-start your selling efforts.

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Learn about our current resellers as well as how to add another profitable line to your business.

Cloud HarmonicsBayside SolutionsNVC
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Alliance ITPCN


OEM/Integration Partners

Learn about our full OEM integration partners.

Juniper Networka10SentryWire


Malware Monitors

Read about our threat intelligence sources.


DShieldFarsight Security 


Technology / Research Partners

Read about our technology / research partners. 



ThreatSTOP's work with Microsoft and their Azure program has introduced ThreatSTOP's DNS Firewall, and IP Firewall technology into the cloud market.



ThreatSTOP's work is supported in part by the Department of Homeland Security's Small Business Innovation Research grant program under Contract Number D11PC20011 for the creation of a Distributed, Closed-loop, anonymized, dynamic collaborative defense against network threats.

ThreatSTOP's web site, documentation, official and unofficial communications, and services do not necessarily reflect the position and policy of the Government, and no official endorsement of ThreatSTOP by the Government should be inferred.



The ThreatSTOP Integrator Program provides a limited number of specialized reseller integrators with new product lines and upsell opportunities with a high-margin, low touch SaaS product offering.  The ThreatSTOP platform is an excellent strategic fit for boutique resellers who focus on DNS, Next Gen firewalls, integrated ‘stack’ offerings, and carriers.

Benefits of the ThreatSTOP Integrator Program include:

  • Incremental annuity revenue stream
  • Professional services revenue upsell potential
  • Security protection and enhancement to your installed base
  • Add value to your customers

We offer a flexible program and customer–friendly approach to business. Call us and see how we can add another profitable line to your business.

For inquiries, please contact us at:
U.S.: 1-855-95T-STOP

Some of our resellers:

Alliance ITPCN Inc



The ThreatSTOP OEM Program provides our partners with revenue uplift, competitive differentiation, and upsell opportunities with a high-margin, low touch SaaS product offering. The ThreatSTOP platform is designed from the ground up to integrate easily into DDI, Networking, and carrier vendor offerings, and supports everything from simple, co-branded black-label solutions to partner branded, API-driven white label integration.

Benefits of the ThreatSTOP OEM Program include:

  • Added value to your new and existing product lines.
  • Security, protection, and growth for your installed base.
  • Incremental annuity revenue streams.
  • More service revenue upsell potential.
  • Full support for basic “black label” or in-depth “white label” integration and branding.
  • Solid, field tested REST APIs to easily integrate with our backend.

Current Partners:

Juniper Networka10SentryWire


The ThreatSTOP MSSP Partner Program is targeted at channel partners who deliver managed security solutions to SMB and mid-enterprise markets. Our goal is to provide our partners with revenue uplift, competitive differentiation, and upsell opportunities with a high-margin, low touch SaaS product offering.  Although we support any level of integration, most MSP/MSSP partners choose to integrate fully via our restful APIs.

Benefits of ThreatSTOP MSSP Program Include:

  • Security assessment devices are easily set up to support MSSP pre-sales
  • Simple privisioning and management of accounts and devices through our portal
  • Out-of-the-box high performing analytics engine
  • Increased upsell opportunities
  • Added value to your product existing managed product and service offerings
  • Cloud platform empowers partners to deliver value-add managed services

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