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Non-Profit: Operation Smile

Non Profit's Security Pain Points

Like the majority of charities within its field, Operation Smile supports both clinics and missions. They manage data on premise at brick and mortar locations and Azure in countries where they do not have a physical location, causing a massive security concern to secure patient data.

Operation Smile then brings anonymized data from all locations and the cloud to a central database in Azure for analysis to make smarter choices on how to deploy surgical teams for missions and look for trends in healthcare needs.

The team was looking for a way to secure all of the patient data from its network of on premise and Azure databases around the world. According to Christopher Ackerman, Application System Analyst for Operation Smile, “Medical data is a highly valuable target for hackers. In the past 12 months a number of charities and non-profits have been targeted by hackers. Terrorists have also tried to hack medical data and hold it for ransom. We are trying to stay ahead of that.”

Here's how ThreatSTOP solved their pain points. 


ThreatSTOP for Non-Profits

Operation Smile originally deployed ThreatSTOP’s IP Defense at its headquarters to block both inbound attacks and prevent outbound communications with threat actors. “When we began using the product on premise, we immediately saw what was hitting our firewall on a regular basis. Definitely a success story for us,” said Ackerman.

To secure electronic medical records in Azure, Operation Smile is using ThreatSTOP’s DNS Defense. DNS Defense protects Cloud workloads by automatically delivering continuous threat intelligence to Azure DNS servers based on user-defined policies to prevent data theft and corruption by stopping malware from “phoning home” to threat actors.


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