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Healthcare: Geisinger

Healthcare's Security Pain Points

Medical records are cyber's new goldmine. Not many industries can say that cybersecurity is a life-and-death issue, except for healthcare institutions. Equipment that we have come to rely on to diagnose critical illnesses and provide life support are now embedded with computers that can’t easily be modified. Electronic Health Records have provided new, unique risks that to be dealt with.

Leading cyber security experts claim that medical records have become one of the most sought after data types, worth 10 times more than credit card information. As stated by Forbes, a single medical health record could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, while the going rate for social security and credit card numbers is 10 and 25 cents, consecutively. The $3 trillion U.S. Healthcare industry is continuing to headline as a desirable cyber attack target, while many healthcare computer systems and networks are still not up to date with their security technology and procedures.

Check out our Whitepaper below for an overview of the three major 2018 Healthcare hacks that could have been prevented, and what you need to do to secure your organization.


Healthcare Whitepaper



ThreatSTOP for Healthcare

Like so many hospitals, Geisinger needed to secure devices and machines of all types, while getting extensive visibility into what exactly is being blocked. Hear right from the source, as ThreatSTOP helped Geinsinger achieve their security goals. 

"We have plenty of other systems in place, but ThreatSTOP prevented an ultrasound machine attack and gave us visibility into a large number of DNS queries that were being blocked. It also enabled us to quickly track down the infected ultrasound making the calls. That sold the product." - Rich Quinlan, Senior Technical Analyst, Geisiner Health


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