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WEBINAR: Stop cloud attacks BEFORE damage occurs (March 26)

Yikes, The Attackers Are At The Gates!
Sony, Anthem, Target, eBay, Home Depot, & JP Morgan were all hacked within the past 18 months. How do we identify these threats BEFORE the damage occurs? 

Join us to learn how to leverage cloud technology and security to identify and stop these threats BEFORE they enter your infrastructure. 

Panelists, Tom Byrnes, ThreatSTOP CEO, and Garret Garjek, dinCloud CSO, will discuss how they deployed advanced botnet and malware protection into a cloud based infrastructure to secure enterprise storage, servers and desktops!


Join this dinCloud and ThreatSTOP webinar and learn how to:
  • Improve & Enhance Security Levels
  • RSVP now to see it yourself, and how easy it can be. You will be able to ask any questions to our expert security and cloud panel during this LIVE WEBINAR!
    Webinar Time: 
    11:00 AM PST , 2:00 PM EST
    Thursday, March 26th 2015
    Tom Byrnes, CEO - ThreatSTOP
    ret Garjek, CSO - dinCloud


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