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Is your business data really secure? (Mr.C’s Cup of Joe Blog)

From Mr C’s Cup of Joe: Read the entire article HERE

What others steps can you take to keep your business data secure? Here are seven more important tips:

1. Don’t rely on anti-virus

Many consumers (and even some businesses) wrongly assume that security starts and ends with anti-virus software. But, will anti-virus software truly protect your business data from modern cyber attacks? No. Anti-virus is just a small part of the security landscape.

“Once the trusted umbrella of protection for everyone, anti-virus solutions now provide a false sense of security for most,” says John Thompson, Director, Systems Engineering of ThreatSTOP. “Anti-virus solutions offer credible protection for older issues but, today’s cyber criminals know this and have adapted. Today, most attacks first seek to disable a device’s anti-virus. They also disguise its compromised status from the management server so the attack can continue undetected and spread. Companies can leverage anti-virus by adding a complimentary layer of non-host based security to block certain inbound and outbound traffic. Simply, by using a continually updated shared intelligence of bad and suspect IP addresses, a firewall can block malware’s attempts to communicate in real-time. As Gartner reports that “malware is already inside your organization,” this strategic approach effectively blocks attacks faster and, should malware find its way onto a device, cuts the lines of communication so the bad guys can’t “call home” and leak data to 3rd parties or damage additional IT assets.”

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