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Francis Turner Interviewed About The Future of Healthcare

Francis was interviewed by the Electronic Health Reporter about The Future of Healthcare Innovation, Big Data, Security and Patient Engagement, and he offered a few thoughts on resolving cyber-criminal theft of patient sensitive data:

"Francis J.M. Turner, vice president management and OEM, Threatstop
For years, the industry has predicted cyber security threats for the healthcare industry will continue to increase in intensity and complexity with the recent revelations from Premera and Anthem being proof points. Most health care companies are following the high standards set by HIPAA and other regulatory agencies. They’re spending more money than ever on security, but the Cyber Criminals keep finding ways to get beyond the firewall and continue the exfiltration and theft of sensitive data, including personal medical records. The future will continue to be an escalated game of cat and mouse. As fast as new prevention techniques are released, criminals are onto the next generation of APT attacks. The true future of healthcare security will include a multi-layered defense. Once you conclude that Cyber Criminals will find ways through and around defenses, the next logical step is to add a layer of defense that doesn’t deflect a breaching agent, but rather cuts off its ability to command and control; block its ability to 'call home' and start leaking data.

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