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Active Threats Require Active Defense @ DataConnectors Dallas 8/7/14

Bots, Trojans and related malware are the biggest threat to the Internet and to anyone using it today. Organized criminals are now hacking for profit & malicious intent. Botnets and malware control your machines, steal your valuable data, and cause great damage.  Cyber Criminals use the infrastructure "provided" by others (Botnets) to attack defenders who pay more and more for each new defense. Please join us for a history of the evolution of malware from pranks to criminal actors and what can be done to break the cycle and deny the asymmetric cost advantage owned by attackers.

The math is stacked against the modern organization without an efficient and real-time cyber threat program, according to Tom Byrnes ThreatSTOP CEO and featured speaker at the upcoming Data Connectors Conference. If anti-virus only prevents 45% of all malware, 95% of all organizations are already infected, and a new malicious botnets are released every 10 minutes without a preemptive front line defense, companies run the risk of putting data and enterprise operations in the firing line.

Byrnes will deliver “Active Threats Require Active Defenses,” at the August 7th Data Connectors Conference in Dallas, TX. The 30-minute best practices presentation will be followed up by a live showcase of the ThreatSTOP IP Reputation solution.

“We’re all aware how prolific the problem is, and many have taken steps to try and stem the tide of attacks,” Byrnes noted. “The danger is putting complete faith in a signature-based solution hoping that they recognize new problems in time. Sometimes it takes two weeks to develop signatures.”

The best practice, according to Byrnes, is to prevent the infection or attack from doing damage in the first place; to prevent the malware from communicating with the IP on the other end of the uninvited intrusion. This can be done without having to buy new equipment.

Data Connectors, a traveling IT security event, is being held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas Near the Galleria. Customers and prospects in the area who contact ThreatSTOP prior to August 5th, will get a complimentary VIP ticket which includes lunch, breakfast, admission to the call out sessions and exhibits. Without a pass, registration is $100.

ThreatSTOP’s IP Reputation solution enables your existing firewalls and network infrastructure to enforce your malware blocking policy without requiring the expense, complexity and time of a forklift upgrade of new equipment. It can be deployed within the hour with simple rule-settings or a script on your firewall.

For more information about the conference or ThreatSTOP’s affordable cloud-based botnet protection solution, please contact ThreatSTOP at (760) 683-8121 or email sales [at] threatstop [dot] com.

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