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Reliably and Quickly Protect
Your Network from Cyber Threats

Automatically blocking malicious IP and DNS connections can stop threats
like ransomware, phishing, and botnets from infecting your network.

Discover what threat intelligence automation can do for your security.

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  • The University of Baltimore reduced
    their malware incidents by 90%
    after implementing ThreatSTOP
    on their firewalls.

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  • ThreatSTOP gives back to the
    security community. Try our free
    CheckIoC tool that knows which
    IPs and domains are malicious.

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Threat Intelligence Automation

Using real-time curated threat intelligence to block threats at firewalls, routers and DNS servers isn’t new, but until now it’s required large security teams, expensive threat intel feeds, and significant manual effort. ThreatSTOP’s cloud platform uses security automation to make it possible for companies of any size to defend their networks with real-time threat intelligence. You will have access to 24/7 support from us, always included with your subscription.

ThreatSTOP Platform


    900+ threat feeds included
    Human & machine curated
    IP addresses and domains



    Fully customizable policies
    600+ selectable categories
    Custom block and whitelists



    Automated policy updates
    NGFW, DNS, Router, Switch
    IDP, WAF, SIEM and more



    View & analyze blocked threats
    Identify affected client devices
    Custom email reports & alerts

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  • Prevent

    Move from detection and response to intelligent proactive defense

  • Automate

    Continuously update network with new threat defense, without manual methods

  • Customize

    Defense tailored to your specific architecture, policy needs, and reporting requirements

  • Optimize

    Reduce network load, free up analyst time, dramatically lower incident response costs

We’re Built to Block Threats

Proactive Threat Blocking

Threats should be blocked early, before they become breaches. Over 80% of today’s successful attacks come from well known IP and domain infrastructure used in other attacks. We help you pinpoint and block them.

Choose Your Policy

Leverage the power of over 850 world-class threat intelligence feeds. Control what is blocked, redirected and allowed through rich policy customization. Pick the threat types and appropriate action, add your own white and black lists

Connect Your Devices

No need for new hardware, ThreatSTOP works with devices you already have. Integrating ThreatSTOP with NGFW, Routers, Switches, DNS Servers and more takes just a few minutes. We’ll automatically deliver policy updates to keep you protected.

See The Results

View blocked threats and impacted client machines instantly. ThreatSTOP comes with advanced reporting and security research tools out-of-the-box. See blocked threats, remediate infected machines faster, and research IOCs.


800+ customers operationalize their threat
intelligence using ThreatSTOP

  • Government

    We manage a vital resource for millions of people that live, visit and work in southern California, and ThreatSTOP is very effective at protecting our critical IT systems. ThreatSTOP’s solutions are easy to manage, and they deliver time-saving automation and a proactive approach to securing our network.

    Bryon Black IT Manager, South Coast
    Water District
  • Healthcare

    We have plenty of other systems in place, but ThreatSTOP prevented an ultrasound machine attack and gave us visibility into a large number of DNS queries that were being blocked. It also enabled us to quickly track down the infected ultrasound making the calls. That sold the product.

    Rich Quinlan Senior Technical Analyst,
    Geisinger Health
  • Education

    Our whole help desk team was overwhelmed. The malware problem was over utilizing vital resources. ThreatSTOP has eliminated manual blacklisting & remediation, reducing help desk tickets relating to malware by 90%, to only 1 - 2 per month.

    Mike Connors Security Analyst,
    University of Baltimore
    Case Study
  • Non-Profit

    When we began using the product on premise, we immediately saw what was hitting our firewall on a daily basis. Definitely a success story for us. Working with ThreatSTOP really made sense for us from a business standpoint. We have a relatively small IT team for an organization of our size. With ThreatSTOP, we can stay ahead of the hackers.

    Christopher Ackman System Analyst,
    Operation Smile
    Case Study

ThreatSTOP Cloud Platform

Automated delivery of proactive policies based on real-time threats

No hardware or software to install, no manual entry of threat data

Reduces network bandwidth usage by up to 40%


IP Defense

  • Blocks Inbound and outbound command and control
  • Prevents ransomware, data theft, DDoS, malware
  • Compatible with all major firewalls, switches and routers

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DNS Defense

  • Turns any DNS server into a proactive DNS Firewall
  • Blocks C2; prevents phishing, ransomware, botnets, DDoS
  • Compatible with all BIND servers and Windows Server 2016

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Roaming Defense

  • Protects Windows and Mac OSX devices outside your network
  • Blocks or redirect malicious DNS queries in real-time
  • Generates unique event telemetry for SOCs and MSSP’s

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Check IOC

  • Rich metadata and Passive DNS
  • Our database of known malicious IPs: 24 million indicators of compromise
  • Easy to use with optional API

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FirstSTOP Tools for Incident Responders

  • Preconfigured, downloadable ISO versions of IP and DNS Defense
  • Policy customization, logs and reporting
  • Free 30-day limited customer deployment in "block" mode

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