Checking traffic

Put an end to the sneaky suspicion. Find out if your computer is talking about you behind your back. 

As you know, the internet is flooded with Botnets and Malware. These programs were designed by cybercriminals to gather and report back your personal information. The threat is very real, and why we created ThreatCHECK. ThreatCheck is not an Anti-Virus software. Instead, it is a simple, free app for Windows, that detects who your computer is communicating to at any given moment. This is cross-referenced with our vast, up-to-date, database of known offenders. The results can be informative, and alarming. 

Download and run ThreatCHECK today. It's easy and completely free to use.


Download ThreatCHECK by clicking the button bellow. Once downloaded, double-click the file to run ThreatCHECK.

For more instructions, further details on what you might find, and what to do if you find it, read our ThreatCHECK FAQ or call (760) 542-1550 or email sales [at] threatstop [dot] com.

Download ThreatCHECK