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Below is a few of our customer stories. To learn more about how ThreatSTOP can address your needs please call (760) 683-8121 or email sales [at] threatstop [dot] com.

University of Baltimore

adobe PDF University of Baltimore
"ThreatSTOP has eliminated manual blacklisting and remediation, and reduced help desk tickets related to malware by 90%, to only 1-2 per month."
    - Mike Connors, Information Security Analyst

Bibliotheek Rotterdam

adobe PDF Bibliotheek Rotterdam
"ThreatSTOP has solved a big headache for us. Now we have no service stoppages, no escalations with the ISP, and no manual cleanups."
    - Nikola Nicolic, Contracts and Services Manager

Phoenix Energy Systems

adobe PDF Phoenix Energy Marketing Consultants, Inc.
"By automating the process and providing the reports, ThreatSTOP provides me a peace of mind and saves me time."
    - Carol Maffitt, CIO


Earth Systems

Earth Systems - SLO.
"ThreatSTOP works great. We are attacked every day and it stops them. It gives me the warm and fuzzies that
I am protected. Its well worth every penny."

    - Richard Gaustad, VP & CIO


West Memphis School District

West Memphis School District.
"I had no idea my network printers are talking to China!"
    - Gary Woodward, Network Administrator


Hillsborough Community College