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If you’ve been an Infoblox DNS Firewall Feed Subscription customer, you’ve been a ThreatSTOP customer.

CloudHarmonics LogoInfoblox has announced end-of-life for their ThreatSTOP-powered DNS Firewall Feed Subscription. Customers have a choice. The easiest thing to do is upgrade to ThreatSTOP’s next generation DNS Firewall Service to keep all of your old features, plus gain a whole lot more:

ReportingAdvanced integrated web-based interactive
reporting with dashboard view and alerting
No out-of-the-box reporting.
Basic reporting requires
additional reporting server
Zone SupportRPZ V3: 1 RPZ zone supports multiple
behaviors (NXDOMAIN, NODATA,
PASSTHRU, DROP and CNAME redirect)
Requires 4 single behavior
PoliciesSimple, powerful customizable security
policy engine with device level support
Vendor SupportSupport for multiple DNS Server platforms, (BIND, NIOS, F5, BlueCat, Vital QIP, BT Diamond IP, Efficient IP, TCPWave, Windows Server 2016)Supports only NIOS-based

Switching from Infoblox to ThreatSTOP DNS Firewall? Click here for training.

Call us and one of our Sales Engineers can get you switched over: 1 855 958 7867 or email transition [at] threatstop [dot] com


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