FBI Pays $1 million to ??? to Crack iPhone

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The Washington Post reported today that the FBI paid

RockLoader: New Downloader Malware

RocksRockLoader is a new malware downloader that was recently discovered

XTBL Ransomware aka Shade and Troldesh

XTBL Ransomware, also known as Shade and Troldesh, is a crypto-ransomware variant originally created in Russia and used in attacks all over the world.

Locky Ransomware Domains – Followup Analysis Uncovers 130 New Indicators

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz over a flourishing ransomware that goes by the name of Locky, which encrypts a victim’s data using a strong RSA-2048+AES-128 encryption and then demands betwe

Nymaim Trojan Blocks Access and Threatens Jail Time

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Discovered in 2013, the Nymaim Trojan is a malware that is most notorious for its functionality as ransomware.

ThreatSTOP Inks Distribution Deal with Cloud Harmonics

Carlsbad, CAApril 4, 2016ThreatSTOP, the company that delivers Powerful Security without Complexity™, today announced a distribution agreement with Cloud Harmonics, the fastest growing full-service, next-generation distributor for emerging cybersecurity and cloud solutions. Under the new agreement, Cloud Harmonics will distribute the ThreatSTOP® Shield and DNS Firewall network security platform.

ThreatSTOP Critical Ransomware

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Those of you who follow cybersecurity news in general and our blog in particular have likely noticed a rise in the number of ransomware-related events.

Los Angeles Times: Why Hackers Are Not Lining Up to Help the FBI

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In all of the debate around the Apple vs FBI tussle, many have wondered why someone has not simply stepped up and hacked the phone already.