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ThreatSTOP integration with Palo Alto Networks delivers enhanced network security for next-generation firewalls. The ThreatSTOP solution extends highly flexible and automated policy control that reduces unwanted network traffic and adds a powerful layer of protection.

ThreatSTOP® Highlights:

  • Delivers a highly scalable defense against advanced inbound and outbound cyberattacks
  • Blocks threats instantly on the Palo Alto firewall using highly customizable user-defined policies
  • Near-zero latency and no redirection of traffic
  • Complements existing Palo Alto Networks security solutions; enables security teams to leverage AutoFocus to analyze a smaller subset of potential attacks while reducing SSL decryption and Wildfire workload
  • Deploys without the expense and complexity of network reconfiguration, retraining or manual updates
  • Delivers powerful reporting that details compromised devices on a network and helps expedite remediation
  • Provides an authoritative, dynamic database of infrastructure used cyberattacks

The ThreatSTOP Platform leverages the latest threat intelligence and enables the creation of custom policies tailored to your environment. The platform provides a central management interface to create tailored security policies for every Palo Alto Network device on your network.

Users are able to integrate their own proprietary threat feeds, and fine-tune protection policies by defining custom block and allow lists. Once constructed these custom policies are automatically distributed to the next-generation firewall for enforcement, and are continuously updated to protect against emerging threats. Reports detailing blocked threats and client devices in need of attention are made available through the management interface.

ThreatSTOP and Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls combine to extend efficiencies, customization, and automation to an effective defense-in-depth strategy.

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  1. Tailor protection policies for all or one of your devices. Combine our comprehensive threat categories with your proprietary IOC feeds to custom block and allow lists.
  2. Automated continuous policy updates are delivered to your devices for protection against current and evolving threats using a patented DNS distribution method.
  3. Powered by ThreatSTOP, your devices enforce your policies to protect against inbound attacks and outbound malicious connection attempts.
  4. Activity logs are generated containing details about the inbound and outbound threats blocked on your network.
  5. Review reports detailing the threats targeting your environment, and which client machines need focused remediation efforts.


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