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Automated, Effective Threat Intelligence

Derive value from threat intelligence without the complexity

ThreatSTOP’s cloud-based security service delivers on the value of threat intelligence—blocking inbound malware attacks and preventing data exfiltration—without requiring complex, manual processes and new hardware. The ThreatSTOP Shield service finds and blocks malware that has bypassed firewalls, IDS/IPS and endpoint security. Our security team maintains industry-leading, near-real time intelligence to best protect your network and data assets. Once installed, the ThreatSTOP Shield service provides immediate value with very little management required. And, it reports on the threats it blocked to streamline remediation.

Why Firewalls Fall Short

What we can learn from high-profile attacks.

» Why Firewalls Fall Short

Automated Threat Intelligence

Prevent malware on your network from stealing data.

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How ThreatSTOP Works

Learn how ThreatSTOP protects every device on your network.

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ThreatSTOP Product Overview

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ThreatSTOP Shield Service

Because ThreatSTOP Shield does not depend on attack signatures, it can detect a new attack from an IP address much faster...


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ThreatSTOP DNS Firewall

Turn your DNS Server into a DNS Firewall.



Our Customers & Partners

ThreatSTOP has always sought and established strategic partnerships with industry-leading vendors, technology pacesetters and service experts to ensure organizations receive cost-effective solutions that meet their IT needs and goals.

“Using ThreatSTOP Shield, we were able to set and enforce custom policies and immediately begin blocking unwanted traffic—spam and DDoS attacks—with little or no false positives. This also eliminated threat actors’ attempts to gather information via scanning. Overall network traffic was reduced by 25 percent, which freed up our other security devices to work on more elusive threats. In addition, ThreatSTOP Shield helped us to control threats brought onto the network via BYOD devices.” - Todd WolfeSite Director, Meta Solutions--Athens