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With all the state-of-the-art security . . .

why are threats still getting onto your network?

Evolving Threat Landscape

Threats happen fast, and the best protection is live threat data automatically delivered to your network devices.

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Complex Security Environment

Effective security does not require yet another box--supercharge your existing firewalls, routers, switches, and DNS Servers.

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Visibility vs Blocking

You have choices, either cull through alerts about what happened, or block threats before they reach the network.

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The ThreatSTOP Shield Platform protects against ransomware, DDoS, Phishing, botnets, and more by automatically delivering live threat data to your network devices. A cloud-based service, it works with existing devices—no new hardware, no training. Set your custom policy, and immediately begin deflecting attacks, and preventing data theft.

ThreatSTOP IP Firewall Service

Block inbound attacks and prevent data theft

ThreatSTOP DNS Firewall

Block, redirect and understand


Security Assessment Tools

Check IP

Insert IP address to check if it is passing malicious traffic



Paste an IP address here to block future malicious activity



Copy and paste device logs to identify malicious traffic


Let us demonstrate the power of our service

Every ThreatSTOP evaluation has blocked undetected threats that bypassed all other security tools—IPS/IDS, web filters, and AV. Let our security engineers take you on a test drive in a live environment to see ThreatSTOP in action—blocking real attacks.

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What is ThreatSTOP?

How does ThreatSTOP Work?

What People Are Saying

"Using ThreatSTOP Shield, we were able to set and enforce custom policies and immediately begin blocking unwanted traffic—spam and DDoS attacks—with little or no false positives. This also eliminated threat actors’ attempts to gather information via scanning. Overall network traffic was reduced by 25 percent, which freed up our other security devices to work on more elusive threats. In addition, ThreatSTOP Shield helped us to control threats brought onto the network via BYOD devices."

- Todd Wolfe, Site Director, Meta Solutions -- Athens

"We evaluated a couple other solutions, however, when you consider the cost of the competition vs the benefits, it simply made sense to go with ThreatSTOP. The reality is that we felt ThreatSTOP met and exceeded our expectations, and we really liked the fact that it was easy to use, easy to implement and easy to maintain."

- Kenneth Compres, the Sr. Information Security and Integrations Engineer -- Hillsborough Community College